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Welcome to Industrial Stitchtech, Inc. the custom textile manufacturer of products related to the soft goods industry. We specialize in short and long-term production of items such as Backpacks, Gear bags, Belt packs, Sport bags, and Straps for different application. Most of our items are constructed with textile materials most commonly used in our industry, such as nylon corduras, pack cloths, polyesters, canvases, leathers, vinyls and other related materials. Let Industrial Stitchtech help your company with your designing, fabricating, and sewing needs.

We accommodate you with small orders, as well as those ranging into the thousand of units. Feel free to explore our site and get a better understanding of what Industrial Stitchtech, Inc. is all about.

Best Regards,

Ed B. Perez

Force Protector Gear depends on the Quality that Industrial Stitchtech builds into each product and this carries over to the reputation of your brand. Please link to Force Protector Gear to see the latest designs in use right now.